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Social Media Tools

Many business view social media sites as a nuisance, a time waster, and a distraction for teenagers in school. Not so. Blogs, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon, Angie’s List, and Yelp are among a sampling the many resources available to businesses on the web.

How are status updates going to increase your sales? Good question. (I would know, I asked it.)

Each of these sites is an opportunity to establish a presence for yourself on the internet. It’s free advertising. Through careful management, your profile at any one of these sites will determine how people, potential customers, will view you on the web.

Anyone who does not recognize the way almost everything is trending to an online solution has got his/her head in the dirt. The internet is a consumer’s best resource, so it’s important to recognize that they are not simply making a casual visit to your site when they want to know about your business.

They check out online reviews made by other consumers. They evaluate your Facebook page and blog, looking to see what you’re company is up to. They get your tweets from Twitter which keep posted on your current events- what deals you’re promoting.

Social media allows you to establish a presence online. It allows to to become an apparent expert in your field, to persuade viewers to find you and need what you’re selling. It also drives traffic to your site.

Social media is the future of online marketing. Join now to feel the benefits.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director