Social Media in the Video Game Industry

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I’ve been a fan of the video game Kingdom Hearts since it came out. Granted I was a little kid and quite honestly was scared to death of the heartless (monsters in the game) when it first came out. As I have grown older this game franchise has been one of my favorites. The problem is however that a lot of Kingdom Hearts’ fans have been put off by the fact that they’ve Sorahad to wait just over seven years for the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3.

The long wait has caused social media sites to spread rumors. There has been no shortage of people out there making fake posters and trying to pass it off as an announcement for Kingdom Hearts 3. These people, commonly referred to as ‘trolls’ are trying to trick the mass populace into thinking it was really going to come out. I was one of those people that were so excited about it, that when I was younger these trolls tricked me quite often.

Now however we have an official announcement that Kingdom Hearts 3 is scheduled to come out for the PS4. Of course Sony has my money, I have, after all, been waiting on this game for ages and I can’t pass up the opportunity to play it. I did the same thing when Sony released Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. I even purchased a Nintendo 3DS just to play the game.

Making Use of Social Media

It’s really a brilliant thing that the video game production companies have done here (terrible for gamers but a brilliant marketing strategy none the less). The company has let their customers’ anticipation build up to the point where we will buy just about any system just so we can play their game. The companies implement most of this strategy through the internet and social media.

Think about it when you hear about new technology.  Where do you go to learn more about it? I for one rely on social media. It allows me to hear other people’s opinion on the matter and helps me decide whether I actually want the product or not. I look at a variety of sources from what’s trending on twitter to the industry’s Facebook business pages. As such social media is a good deal of what helps me find out about the product I’m thinking of buying.

Social Media is a powerful tool for the video game industry.  Social media can also be a powerful tool for your business as well.  If you want to learn more about how to make use of this business tool you should give Social Media Tips for Business Owners a read.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director