Social Media Hubbub – Determining if Social Media Is Worth It?

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Social Media is worth itIn the past few days there has been a lot of back and forth about where or not Social Media is worth it. Obviously, there are two sides to the argument, those that are for – “Everyone should hire Social Media Experts” ( – and those that are against – “Why I Will Never, Ever Hire A Social Media Expert” (Business insider); the question then is who actually has a meaningful case for their side?

Against In order to be fair and unbiased, as my natural inclination is to agree with the for side, I considered the against side logically and found several good points that they made.

The best point that was made in the article was that Social Media is not the end all be all of internet marketing, rather, it is “another arrow in the internet marketing quiver.” The author is upset about all of the hype that social media is receiving and likens it to the .Com era of the 90’s. His concern is that people are closing their eyes and holding out their money, because everyone else is doing it. I will concede that there are people out there blindly doing this and there are those out there willing taking advantage of these unlearned individuals. Just like any other tool however, before you use it, you must first understand HOW and WHY to use it.

For I believe that, ultimately, this entire argument boils down to semantics. I don’t honestly believe that any online marketing professional would actively encourage someone to avoid Social Media, even if it does end up popping, a lot can be done with it in the mean time. The ‘For’ article demonstrates with hard data why Social Media is worth it. It is a cheap and easy way to promote you/your brand/your company and establish a good close relationship with your clients.

Conclusion The decision in this case is easy, Social Media is going nowhere but up for the foreseeable future and you will only hurt yourself if you adopt the attitude that Social Media is the new marketing snake oil. The information to back this up is out there, you can start by reading the article on the matter. So just make sure you do your research and find a good Social Media Marketing Company.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director