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Social Media was first used to stay connected with one’s friends and that was about all it was good for. After a few years a few innovative businesses started to see that these people were wonderful potential customers. These business then began to create their own social media presence to reach out and communicate directly with their consumers. In the most recent years, however, we’ve started to see a shift in social media. Not only are businesses starting to enter this new world, but governments as well.

In the recent UK election, also known as the social media election, citizens of the UK through Facebook and other social media mediums were redirected to voter registration sites. The result of this social media strategy was a 13 year high in voters.

Even in the United States we have begun to see social media creeping it’s way into our politicians strategies. The White House has a Youtube channel, campaign updates are found on twitter, and last year I added Barak Obama as a Facebook friend…

If there has been, or still is, a question in your mind about the duration of social media, let me set your mind at ease. Social media is on the rise and only has one place to go… up. Watch carefully and soon you’ll find that marketing allocation to social media will skyrocket and like the title says, social media will be coming to an election near you.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director