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I’ve written many previous blogs about social media advertising. Facebook gives you many advertising options, from event responses to video views, but today I’ll be addressing ads that lead directly to your website. As nice as it is to get more likes and more engagement on your Facebook page, if you’re business isn’t making money you’ll fail. That’s just how it is. With hundreds of millions of people using Facebook every day, it can be very wise to advertise to your target market via social ads.

Types Of Facebook Website Ads

Facebook ad optionsThere are two types of website ads, website conversions and clicks to website – I’ll be talking about the latter. After you choose the type of ad you want to create, Facebook will ask you for the URL you’ll be driving traffic to. Facebook will then pull some images and basic descriptions from the website, but if you want to run an effective ad I recommend customizing both the ad copy and the image.

How to Set Up Your Ads

You’ll need to connect your Facebook page to the ad so your current fans will recognize it’s from your company. You are allotted 25 characters for a headline and 90 characters for the main text. Most people will see your image, read your headline, and then read your ad copy so plan accordingly. One of the best features about these ads is that you can include a call to action button. You can choose from “Shop Now”, “Book Now”, “Learn More”, “Sign Up”, “Download”, or if none of those would be beneficial you can choose to leave off a call to action button.

Call to action optionOnce you have the creative part squared away you can move on to targeting. Facebook gives you many, many targeting options so if you understand who your target market is you should have no problem capturing your audience. It’s the same as other Facebook ads, unless you have created a custom audience you’ll need to choose between locations, age ranges, gender, languages, interests, and behaviors. If that seems a bit too complicated for you, we’ve made it our job here at Big Leap to be a one-stop shop for all things digital.

You’ve written your brilliant copy, chosen your engaging visual, and pinpointed your audience – now all you have left is to name your campaign, set your budget and schedule, and then sit back and enjoy the traffic!

I’ve been working with Big Leap since January, and the more I learn about social media marketing the more I am convinced that every business with any kind of presence on the web and any kind of brand personality needs social media. Whether they use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or any other social media platform, they need some way to interact with their customers and to manage engagement.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director