Microsoft SkydriveMicrosoft SkyDrive has been recently updated to making it a better file hosting service.  If you have never heard of SkyDrive before, SkyDrive is similar to Dropbox which enables you to store your documents and information using cloud computing.

Cloud computing is continuing to improve and it is important to now understand how cloud computing works.  To put it simply you can put these documents on the cloud, instead of it taking up space on your computer.

Microsoft Skydrive’s update now lets you share individual files instead of complete folders.  This makes it simpler to share what information you want with the right people.  You no longer need to create multiple folders to make sure everyone gets the right information and nothing more.

If you want to share a document from Microsoft Office, the person that opens it can view it either using a Microsoft app of the program that is on the internet, or by using the Microsoft program that is on your computer.

You can also let those you share your document to edit it or to make it read only, so you have full control of your documents.

Dropbox LogoWith so many people using social media it makes sense that you would want to share documents using either Facebook, or LinkedIn.  SkyDrive now lets you do this making it easier to share with all of your friends.
Microsoft SkyDrive has made a lot of progress in this latest update.  What do you think is better, SkyDrive or Dropbox?  What do you use and why?

Rob Hughes
Paid Search Analyst
Rob Hughes is a Paid Search Analyst at Big Leap who enjoys the creative aspect of online paid advertising. In his free time, Rob is a 3x Intramural Champion, a 17x Intramural Loser, and an avid climber of local mountains.