Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon And Google

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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a game that became popular in 1994 when a magazine interviewed Kevin Bacon and he told them that he had worked with just about everyone in Hollywood or at least with someone who has worked with the other person.

Kevin Bacon has even been in commercials that have joked about the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. He has also created a non-profit organization called Six Degrees that is designed to help raise money for varies charities.

Now Google is getting in on the game and making it easier than ever before to play. In order to get the “Bacon Number” of any actor / actress simply type in “Bacon Number” and then the actor / actress name in the search box. Google will not only tell you the “Bacon Number’ but will show you how they are connected.

Kevin Bacon and Will Smith

kevin bacon number will smith

In the example above you can see the “Bacon Number” for Will Smith is 2.

Kevin Bacon and Olivia Wild

bacon number olivia wilde

While this is a fun little game there are many people who feel that Google should spend their time fixing other issues like Google +. What are your thoughts?

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director