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When you find something on the Internet that is funny, informative, or interesting, what is one of the first things you do? You share it. Sharing content via social media has opened up a whole new way to offer social media marketing services.

sharing content via social mediaYou are probably familiar with the sharing buttons that are often available with published content online. These buttons give you the chance to post content that you find valuable to your Facebook wall, Twitter feed, or even your LinkedIn account. It is easy to see how many people have “liked” a certain article or Tweeted about its content.

However, recent research has shown that the most common way for users to share content is by copying and pasting a site’s URL into an email or IM. And until recently, there was no real way to track this, until AddThis created a solution.

AddThis, a social bookmarking service, has created their own button that can go alongside the Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons. The “orange plus” then allows you to post to any specific bookmarking site you choose—everything from Reddit to Mixx to Slashdot. It also includes an option to share the content in an email, which as discussed earlier, is one of the most common ways for sharing content via social media.

The useful thing about AddThis’ new development is that there is a tracking feature for all content sharing via social media. AddThis Live View is an analytics tool that can be used to measure and track how effective each sharing service is in creating site traffic for you. Track how your content is being shared, when it is being shared, and how many times it is being shared with Live View.

Since this service can even be done in real time, it is the perfect social media optimization services tool to track all your social sharing analytics in one place.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director