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Have you ever been disappointed in a product after hearing the description in the advertisement? For example, have you ever found yourself saying, “The burger looked bigger in the picture” or “this hotel has a lot more bugs than I read in the description.” The same thing happens in the SEO world with Websites.

This is a Big Mac?

It doesn’t matter how much effort or money you put into Search Engine Optimization, it never compensates for an ineffective website.  Whether you have an existing site or are about to launch your first website, here are some things that will help you rank high in search engines.

Reach the Heart

So what does it mean to reach the heart with a website?  It means that you are filling a need for someone, whether it be physically or emotionally.

Have a purpose to your site that is identifiable to the customer as soon as they log on.  Show them what need you can satisfy for them on the home page and you will stop your customers from bouncing away.

Content and Mapping

Next thing you will need is an understanding of your reasons as to why your visitors should visit your site and continue to come back.  It doesn’t The everydaymatter if you are a one-time home retailer or a routine toilet paper eCommerce business; you want to give your visitors a reason to come back. However, these reasons change from each field so it is important to ask yourself these questions:

  • Why would I come to this site?
  • Why would I return to this site?
  • Is there anything I can add on to my product/service?

Make it easy for your customers to find what they want!  Having a site map can help you to direct the flow of traffic to the most important pages on your website and should be used for that purpose.

Content is important!  However, a lot of content with no purpose will only hurt you!  Make sure you have fresh, interesting, and unique adding content.  For more on this, read Duplication for Disaster, which goes more in depths about unique content writing.

Getting a Search Engine Optimization professional to conduct an on-site audit is a great way to improve your site as well.  All in all make sure to do something that is different from everyone else.  Find ways not to match your competitors but to past them and think outside of the box!

Photo Credit: Rami, Neil Kremer, Jane Waterbury


Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director