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seo web designIf you are starting to do Search Engine Optimization be sure to start on the right foot. After all, there’s no sense in investing time and money into something that is done incorrectly. Web design services are an important thing to pay special attention to as you get started.

It really doesn’t matter who you choose to make your website, just keep these tips in mind:

What Not to Do

  • The temptation will be strong to pick the flashiest, sexiest, or most tantalizing website you’ve ever seen. While this may look good to human eyes, sites like this are often built in flash, making them impossible to read from a web crawler’s perspective. At best, they’re chuck full of lengthy code.So, help me out here…if a web crawler can’t read your site, how will that affect your rankings? It’s not too hard to figure this one out.
  • Don’t overpay. No brainer, right? Well, maybe not. When it comes to a website do you really need all the bells and whistles? You need a website that will rank and that will bring you customers. Sometimes a sleek, modest site is the best way to go, and it won’t cost you as much. The decision is yours.

What To Do

  • Like was mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter who makes your website. What does matter is that they know how to create a search engine friendly design.This means heavy on quality content, light on code; generous with good content and titles and easy on pre-formatted images. For example, the optimized H1 tag or content of your website should not be part of a pre-made image that can never be changed and can’t be read by a crawler.
  • One small but helpful bit of advice is to use alt tags for every image. Don’t use the same alt tag for every image but use several alt tags that relate to what you want to rank for. Bet you can’t guess the alt tag I used for the image in this post?

The list could go on, but the bottom line is to make sure when choosing web design services that all the hard effort and research you put in to make your website fully optimized is not overshadowed by a poorly done or flashy website that will never rank for anything. Good luck out there!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director