SEO Friendly Website: Four Easy Tips

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Because you are probably playing many different roles as business owner, finding time to make your website SEO friendly can be very difficult. Knowing where to start can often be the hardest part. Following these four tips can help you get started without taking large bulks out of your time and give your website the competitive advantage that it needs.
SEO Friendly
1.Pick a keyword phrase that is specific to your business or products your business sells. Make sure your keyword phrase is actually searched. To do this use Google’s free keyword tool. If another keyword is searched more, still relevant and specific then use that one.

2.Change the browser title tag to the keyword phrase you are targeting for that web page. This is probably one the most important things when making your onsite SEO friendly and to rank for certain keywords.

3.Change the H1 title tag on the web page to the keyword phrase. The H1 tag is HTML code used to code the title in the actual content of your web page.

4.Insert the actual keyword phrase four to eight times throughout the content of the page. Now the keyword phrase that you are targeting should have something to do with what the web page actually talks about, so inserting the keyword phrase that many times should not be difficult.

Remember, only one keyword phrase should be targeted per web page. More than one keyword will only confuse Google’s web crawlers so they don’t know what that page is supposed to be about and lessen the effectiveness. These are not black hat SEO tricks so you may not see an immediate jump in your website rankings for those keywords, but give the web crawlers time to find the changes and you will see a major difference. Doing a few little things to make your site SEO friendly is better than doing nothing and can make a big difference.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director