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Although Google has specifically stated that +1’s on Google + have no impact on search rankings,  there is plenty of evidence to suggest that a strong Google + presence significantly impacts SEO efforts. If you are a small business owner seeking to maximize the reach of your brand and increase traffic to your website, optimizing and using your Google + page is key.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is simply the application of various on-site and off-site techniques that enable search engines to properly index and rank a website. Simply put, SEO is working to get your website to rank higher in search results. For example, if you are a dentist in Lincoln Nebraska, when someone types in the words “Lincoln Dentist”  into Google, you want your website to be right at the top of the list. Proper SEO takes much effort and time to be effective, but when done properly, the results are substantial. To learn more about the SEO options we offer at leadgenix, please visit our services page.

How Will SEO Benefit My Business?

As owners of retail stores know all to well, the  “traffic,” or number people coming through their store each day directly relates to the number of purchases. This principle works exactly the same on the internet. The more traffic your website receives, the higher the conversation rate will be. Properly applied SEO principles will allow your website to receive more traffic which will directly benefit your company.

Google + and SEO

You may have noticed that often times Google + pages, or even specific Google + posts show up on the first page of a Google search, sometimes even before a website. What many people don’t realize is that Google treats Google + profiles and pages just like any other regular website. This means that Google + profiles have PageRank (what Google uses to determine the importance of a web page) and can be just as powerful as any other website in terms of ranking. Another significant benefit of using Google + frequently is that Google + posts are crawled and indexed almost immediately, meaning they can show up in search results very soon after they are posted. In explaining why Google + is great for SEO,  Vic Gundotra, the head of Google+ stated,” It’s really the unification of all of Google’s services, with a common social layer.” Google + places a much stronger emphasis on SEO than other social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. This is clearly demonstrated through a study conducted by Searchmetrics which measured the ranking factors in Google’s search results.

Source: Searchmetrics

Source: Searchmetrics

As you can see, Google + 1’s have the highest correlation with search results. This indicates that although Google says there isn’t a direct relationship between +1’s and search results, something significant is occurring.

Taking Advantage of Google + for SEO

The first think you need to do is create a Google + page for your business (if you have created a gmail, you will automatically have a page made). Once your page is created you will want to optimize your page, set up Google authorship, start posting, connect your website to your page, and begin connecting with other people. Please check back next week for a blog post giving more details on HOW to take advantage of Google + for SEO!


Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director