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Why SEO?

Special Interest Groups

Both online and brick & mortar businesses use Search Engine and Social Media Optimization to grow.  These tools are not, however, exclusively useful in this arena.  Niche communities are using social media to collaborate and grow every day, but many do not even consider how SEO may help.

In my spare time I participate in and help to grow a local social dance community.  Social dance is all about the people and the in-person connection.  Why would we need to effectively utilize a website or even consider SEO when the foundation of the community is the social interaction at a physical location?

Bad Web DesignThe Answer is Simple

Millions of people search online every day for special interest groups that they want to learn more about.  Many special interest groups don’t even have a website and the websites that do exist are not user friendly or even attractive.  Information on where, when, and what can be outdated and incomplete.

With a little work and some DIY Search Engine Optimization most niche communities could increase their visibility significantly.   By creating and optimizing a simple, sleek website and utilizing a few effective keywords, your community will be more accessible to the public.  More importantly, any individuals searching for your niche group will be able to easily find, join, and begin collaborating with you.

Growing Through SEO

The best inventions and ideas all start small. They start as a conversation between friends over dinner or in the early hours of the morning after a party.  They begin as collaborations between a few close creators who are passionate about what they are doing.  Starting small is hard and growth takes patience and many hours of frequently volunteered time.

SEO and social media will help you grow your community and attract others with just as much passion as you.  Where growth, collaboration, and passion meet, successful businesses are born.  Who knows, one day you just may find yourself getting paid to do what you love.

Photo Credit: Eric Esquivel, bertboerland, Marc Wathieu via Photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director