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Social Signals And Their Impact On SEO

There have been a lot of studies that have been done trying to figure out exactly how Social Signals impact SEO. All of these studies have come with different results, but they all show that the impact social signals have on SEO is becoming stronger over time.

How Can Social Signals Help Improve Rankings

The most important thing social signals can do to help improve rankings is helping create inbound links and citations by improving a companies brand awareness. Even with all the changes to the Search Engine algorithm links are still king.

If a companies brand awareness increases so will the online visibility, which allows more people to link to the company.

What Is The Future Of Social Signals And SEO?

It’s a fact that the world is becoming more social. The raising generation will be the future consumers that companies will need to learn how to target, so if a company does not have a robust social strategy they will find themselves falling behind those that do.

People are being bombarded with marketing ads. People don’t know what ads they can trust. Which is why people are referring to their friends recommendation rather than the results provided by search engines. This will make social media more and more important.

What Should Companies Do Now to Prepare?

Just like with SEO a company must focus on both onsite and offsite elements of social media. When looking at a website ensure that the site has

  • A Blog to act as a central hub for all social media
  • Share and Connect Buttons for all of your social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, and linkedIn.

Offsite items include having

  • An Active Twitter Account
  • An Active Facebook Page
  • An Active Pinterest Account
  • An Active Youtube Account
  • an Active LinkedIn Profile

Social Media Key To Any Good SEO Campaign

The world of SEO is constantly changing, which means business have to constantly adapt to these changes. Social Media is going to be a key factor in SEO rankings so it is imperative that business start to build their social presence as soon as possible.

In order to stay ahead of the curve every SEO campaign should spend a portion of their time and budget on Social Media.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director