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Search Engines and Social Media

The field of internet marketing is constantly changing. One of the newest evolutions has been the intertwining of search engines and social media.

Millions of Tweets are posted each day. These messages are followed by the millions of people with Twitter accounts.

Twitter has seen incredible growth over the past few years, moving up the list of top social media sites. But, it is not the only site that continues to grow.

Facebook is another social media site that continues to show growth and development. There are millions of people around the world with Facebook accounts.

Both sites allow the sharing of information amongst groups of people that are connected via the sites. While much of the information that is shared has to do with what is happening in the person’s life, some of it has to do with interests and preferences.

Users can post about places they like to visit and which hotels they prefer while traveling. They might discuss which restaurants they like in the area.

One can see the potential for marketing strategies that involve these social media sites. However, there is also the potential for more than just the sharing of information.

A user who Tweets or posts about your business will get the name out there. But, without further information other users may disregard the name.

Facebook allows the creation of pages for businesses. You can get a lot more than just your company’s name out there by creating a Facebook page.

Creating a presence for your company on social media sites is now even more important than ever. The top search engines- Google and Bing- have begun including information from both Facebook and Twitter on their search results pages.

The information that is found on the search results pages allows online searchers to learn more about businesses. Having a strong presence and good reputation on social media sites is now translating to having a good presence and reputation on search engines.

In order to ensure that your company will be successful in a social media marketing campaign, you should be sure to utilize the services of a social media marketing company. Experts in the field know how to help you get on top and stay there.

This innovation marks a new facet to the field of search engine optimization. Those companies that develop a good strategy will be able to succeed and thrive in the world of search engines and social media.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director