Search Engine Changes for Yahoo

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For more than five years Yahoo has slowly been losing it’s search engine users. Yahoo has recently introduced a series of new features in hopes to better contend with the search-engine-giant Google.

Attempting to make the Yahoo search engine more “actionable,” Yahoo is integrating what it calls “quick apps”.The first test of these new “quick apps” is a Netflix application that allows users to add DVDs to their queue from the results page. They can watch their favorite programs through it as well. Yahoo also plans to have similar apps for restaurant reservation with the online reservation page open table in the future.

Yahoo is also planning to change their image search. They plan change it to to emphasize slideshows as well as individual image results. They also plan to leverage social media marketing by allowing users to tie their Facebook accounts to Yahoo and view their friends’ albums posted through the social network.

Beyond these changes, Yahoo says that their search engine will also be more user friendly for Android and iphones. The goal of these changes is to take the the search engine experience from “finding to doing”.

Phil Sanders