Scroogled Vision?

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In the past three months, Bing has launched an amazing attack on Google.  Remember Bing vs. Google? Personally, it took me about seven of those commercials interfering with my Hulu video to finally take ‘the challenge’.  Google won, and I still us it as my primary search engine for most things.  Bing is, however, now my next in line if Google does fail me.

After the Bing Challenge, Google had some trouble with confidentiality issues.  One of the biggest problems they had was with their app store.  Most people didn’t know that your information concerning what apps you buy and other things could be accessible to the apps creators and sellers.

google-vs-bingThe Scroogled Campaign

Thus, the Scroogled campaign was born.  Microsoft and Bing combined their efforts to take down Google.  Together, they launched a website ( and a commercial campaign to inform everyone that Google is sharing information personal information.  In the end, it about the same information that people post on their social media accounts.

With all this negative advertisement, you would think that Google would be doing poorly?  However, the biggest comment is… no comment.  There have not been many that have left Google or changed over to Bing/Hotmail with this new information.  No one but a few people and Bing are talking about this issue.

Thus, on an average consumer bases, this ad campaign has not done too much.  Google is still the most preferred search engine and email service online.  In the government, on the other hand, many questions have been brought up in regards to Google’s ability to protect the privacy of consumers.

Google Glasses

Especially with the development of ‘Ok glasses’, the government has stepped in to ask some important questions.   Eight members of a Congressional caucus ask Google to respond by June 14.  Some of these questions include how will information be store of non-users? How will Google refine and update its privacy policies?  Would this make privacy impossible?

In my personal opinion, I think it is amazing that we live in an age of innovative thinking in an ever technologically advancing world.  It is incredible to think what we are able to accomplish and create something like the Google Ok glasses, see more about it at, Social Media Through the lens of Google Glass.

I do think there is a balance though.  As soon as we let technology run on a rampage, we might not be able to keep up as a society.  What would that mean for those left behind?  How can they defend themselves?

Google for the Win

Thus it goes both ways, I don’t have the answers but I hope one day to help out to create a good balance.  Till then the one thing I do know is that I will always use Google for all my Search Engine Optimization needs… sorry Bing.  As a good friend, James Hayes,  once wrote:

 “I will not try Bing.

I will not try Bing in a box.
I will not try Bing to find a fox.
I will not try Bing in my house.
I will not click Bing with my mouse.
I will not try Bing here or there.
I will not try Bing anywhere.
I do not like Bing don’t you see?
So make like Yahoo,
let Google BE!”

Photo Credit: Weidert

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director