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So many people decide they want to do search engine optimization for their websites and they have a set keyword already prepared in there minds. This is great and I hope all of you do decide to use SEO, however, there is a step that goes between deciding to do SEO and selecting a keyword. This step is called: RESEARCH.

Too many people forget or just don’t recognize the importance of researching their keyword. Your keyword if optimized may be extremely beneficial to your company or not so much, depending on how much research you put into it.

The whole point of SEO is finding the right keywords and optimizing them. If the wrong key term is optimized then Search Engines and your customers may possibly never find you online.

It is extremely important to research your keyword to decide what will get you the most precise audience that you are seeking. Also, researching your competition can be very beneficial when optimizing your key terms.

Any good SEO company will do this research for you before they help you select a prime keyword so that you can get the best results, but whether you have a company doing your SEO or not, you can research your key terms too.

Here are a few free Google tools that will help you with your research key terms:

Google Insights, Google Keywords, Google “Pages related to”, and Google Suggests.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director