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reputation managementWhy should reputation management matter to you? Let’s look at it this way: Erase from your mind the idea that Google is a search engine. Pretend Google is NOT a search engine. Rather, see it as a reputation management tool.

Through various methods, such as using search engine optimization and social media, you can manage what people find out about yourself, your client, or your company, and build a positive image.

There’s a lot that could be talked about here, but I’ll lend you 2 foundational pieces of advice:

  1. Discover what terms people are searching for when your entity (company, client, etc.) is discovered. This most especially includes keywords that display negative or unfavorable links to your entity. Once you’ve narrowed this down, you’ll be able to begin managing these keywords.
  2. Dominate the first page. If that’s not possible, at least control the top 3 positions. (The top 3 positions compose of over 70% of clicks!). This tid bit of advice is what leads into all the other aspects of reputation management that we will tackle at another time.

For now, analyze your company or client and determine if reputation management can benefit you.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director