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So you have a wonderful business and want to spread the joy? You have the latest and greatest product that you’re sure that everyone will love. Unfortunately, in the world as we know it, it is impossible to please everyone. Because some people are not going to be “pleased as punch” about your product, here are some basics to reputation management to make sure those bad reviews stay out of sight.

Review Sites

Yelp, Angie’s Book, and hundreds of other sites are made with the sole purpose to review products and companies alike. Be honest now, don’t go and create a site for your product and/or company and give yourself several hundred positive fake reviews. I would say, however, that adding an initial positive review is more than in order; I mean you are pleased with the product or you wouldn’t have made it in the first place.


This is probably a very straight forward response, but make sure that you are actively doing SEO work to all of your revenue generating sites. Beat out the bad reviews with the information that you own and can change accordingly.

Social Media

Get out there and meet your customers. Be active and involved in the social media world. Get on Twitter and re-tweet interesting things said from people you’re following. With social media you can increase the positive attitude towards yourself and your company.

Free Stuff

It’s sad, but people really like free stuff. To keep your customers happy and wanting more, periodically give them something free. Customers will think that you’re hip and cool and other stuff like that. Offer competitions and contests for free products or services to get them pumped. Your customers will soon love you and your company.

We hope that you and your company have success and are able to show people the part of the company that you want them to see.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director