In a world where we rely on language for everything from Facebook statuses, restaurant menus, marketing, and news media, it is no surprise that writing is both important and intimidating. And most of this intimidation comes from the fact that we only see others’ writing as a final product.

This means that while we may struggle over choosing the perfect words, plotting the perfect sentences, and compiling perfect ideas, we miss the struggle in other people’s work. For us, the perfect blogs, statuses, and reports we see seem to come from pure talent and ability.

And while ability certainly has something to do with successful writing, good processes, thoughtful editing, and frequent drafting are the true keys to an expertise in expression.

Here are a few things you can do to help improve your writing process, and the final products of your writing!

Create a Writing Friendly Environment

One of the best things you can do to improve your writing is to make sure to write in a place that is conducive to creativity and concentration. Your writing nook may look like a cozy living room, but remember that everyone is different, and your best writing environment might be a local coffee shop, the library, or out in nature.

Start Big (Don’t Self Edit)

One of the biggest roadblocks most writers (and non-writers) face is that they begin editing their work before they even start writing. This may seem like a good idea but it can limit creativity and constrain your thinking.

Instead of trying to write a perfect piece from the beginning, let the words flow out of you, and don’t worry about editing until you have a finished draft. This will give you a lot more to work with, and make your writing process much more efficient.

Choose a Topic You Are Passionate about

If you are writing about something that doesn’t interest you, it probably won’t interest your reader either, so be sure to choose topics you enjoy. Some key kinds of topics you should keep in mind include:

  • Topics that are current
  • Topics that will stay current (find more information on evergreen content here)
  • Topics you love or even topics you hate (passion shows through)

Each of these topic types will help you produce writing that is engaging and interesting for you, and your audience!

Understand Your Purpose

The last important element of creating good writing is to understand your purpose and your audience. If you understand who you are talking to, and why, you will be much more likely to get what you need from your writing work.

If you are working to market professionally, you may want to work with an expert in the field of optimization. But whatever your audience and purpose, you want to keep their needs in mind! Your audience and purpose can give you the direction your writing needs to really make an impact.

Start writing today to turn your ideas into sharable material!


Photo Credit: hvincentt via photopin cc