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Pay Per Click

Many SEO firms utilize Google Adwords to create pay per click campaigns for their client companies. Prior to this point, the only information a Google user had to go on was the description in the ad itself. Thus, campaign managers had to develop accurate and enticing ads. A new feature being added to Adwords will allow Google users to look at the cached image of the website before actually visiting it. Users have been able to preview the websites listed on their search results pages since late 2010. However, development of the preview feature for ads has taken a bit longer.

The feature should be beneficial to companies that invest in pay per click campaigns. Prior to development of this new feature, a Google user would have to click on the ad in order to determine whether the site to which it led was one that provided the goods or services that were needed. Because the companies had to pay for each click regardless of whether the visitor actually purchased anything or not, they ended up spending a lot of money on users who bought nothing . The option to preview the site should allow users to determine whether the site is worth visiting before they click on the ad, effectively cutting the company’s losses.

Google is working to make Google Adwords more cost effective for those who use it. Their efforts should result in increased business and revenue, not only for Google, but for those companies that use Google Adwords also.


Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director