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Those who remember Shaqille O’Neal from his glory days of dunking on everyone and anyone he met on the basketball court (whether they liked it or not), would be surprised to know that Shaq is anything more than a seven-foot behemoth. But I will tell you two things you might not already know:

1) Shaq has a masters degree in business administration

2) Shaq, he claims, is a geek.

That’s One Big Geek

Pitch Shaq is on“I’m a geek, I’m a nerd, and I’m proud to say it,” Shaq told Mashable. Shaq had just returned from a business trip, a trip centralized on helping him be a figure that helps usher “the next big thing” into the technological world.

Shaq’s way of accomplishing this is through his SXSW competition, “Pitch Shaq.” (Personally, I’m thinking he could have done better for a name). Shaq wants start-ups to send 15-second pitches through videos put up on Tout, a social media video-sharing service.

“A lot of these guys have the ideas but not the capital to back them,” said Shaq. Shaq will review every pitch submitted and the winner will win an informal investment meeting with him. If the winner needs a lot of money and the meeting goes well, Shaq will introduce them to the “big boys,” but if the winner’s needs are minimal then Shaq might just write them up a check over lunch or dinner.

Shaq is smart enough to know that he might need some business advisers when it comes to making final decisions. He has a team that will help him if he is undecided about the winning pitch.

Opportunity Touts

All pitches need to have the hashtag “#PitchShaq” to be considered. All submissions will be broadcasted on Tout-branded monitors. So this is a shout out to some guys with great ideas who just need to utilize goals to improve their lives (and potentially have Shaq invest thousands of dollars).

For the everyday idea man, this represents the opportunity that Internet marketing provides people to make their ideas come to life. Thankfully, for a few lucky guys (or girls!), a seven foot, 350 pound behemoth is willing to pay their way.


photo credit: Keith Allison via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director