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Pinterest FlowerPin it, send it, like it… Pinterest is everywhere (hover over that lovely pic to your right… I bet that pretty “Pin it” link appears, right?).  Many love Pinterest because it’s a place to share their hobbies and discover new ones.  It’s the perfect creative outlet for your individual interests… But could it be a helpful business strategy?  Absolutely!  Pinterest is the place where you can transform your inanimate brand into a brand full of life and personality.  So where do you begin? By pinning any and every image you can find on your website? Not quite, here are a few tips to jump start your brand’s personality.

Have an End Goal in Mind

First things first… Know everything there is to know about your brand.  What you represent, who is your target audience, are you a local or national brand, what kind of information do you want to share with your customers, etc. The key to a great company Pinterest is knowing the type of information you are wanting to share with people. For example, a diamond company could want to share a board of cuts, cleaning tips for jewelry, beautiful antique diamonds, and perhaps some of the best ways to propose… Just to keep it fun.  The point is, know your audiences interests and how your Pinterest is going to directly speak to those people.

Mix + Match

Now that you know who you are trying to reach and how you will go about it… DO NOT just bombard your followers with product pin after product pin.  Nothing is worse than a company who views their Pinterest as just a generic place for their product’s images… Switch it up! Snag those cute puppy pictures or delicious food recipes; just make sure that in one way or another it relates back to your brand.  And of course, have your product there; just not as the only thing that your fellow pinners are viewing, they can see that on your website after you’ve drawn them in with your phenomenal Pinterest personality.

Small Pins = Big Picture

Don’t be afraid to reach out to people who have similar interests as your brand.  Give pinners the chance to add pins to your boards.  Collaborate, share, and interact.  Pinterest is a social media site… These pinners want that interaction!  Always remember that even one pin to a collaborative board means that the pinner has noticed you and in some way is interested in what your brand is sharing. So now you have the inside scoop:

  • Know your end goal
  • Mix + Match between popular pins and product pins
  • Even one interaction is a step in the right direction to your big picture

Now get out there and give life to that brand of yours! photo credit: mkhmarketing via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director