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As the number of Pinterest users increases at a dramatic rate, politicians are joining in. Marketing on Pinterest can be very successful and politicians are utilizing the opportunity to market themselves.

President Obama and Ann Romney (wife of Mitt Romney) both have Pinterest accounts and now Michelle Obama does as well. These accounts are often run by campaign staff and give an opportunity for the candidate to make a last appeal to voters before voting begins. Although I mentioned presidential candidates, the following are tips that anybody can use whether you are running for a school board position or for Congress.

Focus on Images

Pinterest is set up to be a social media site focused on pictures. Users are scanning through a large amount of content and do not want to read long captions, infographics, or articles. We have all heard the popular saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Use this to your advantage by pinning pictures that support the image you are trying to promote.

As a conservative Republican, Ann Romney has a board dedicated to family. The board has a variety of family pictures including many pictures of herself or Mitt playing with their grandchildren. The images support the idea that family values are important.Politician's wife Ann Romney's Social Media


When working on social media businesses should strive to be pinning what is interesting or useful to followers. Take the time to really think about what you are going to pin, and then encourage comments, discussions, and any interaction with your page. Successful content will receive a large number of comments and repins.

Understanding the Pinterest Demographic

While about 80 percent of all Pinterest users are women, not all content should be directly aimed at women. Men, women, the young, and the old are all alive and well on Pinterest. Post content targeted at each different demographic. After some time, evaluate which pins received the most attention and focus on that demographic.

Be Consistent

Those who are following you are taking the time to see all of your pins and feel as though they have developed a relationship with you. If you start using a social media site do not abandon it or your followers will feel abandoned.

Pin often and consistently. The more active you are the more interactions you will get because you will be more visible on the homepage. Pinterest users spend large amounts of time on the site each day looking for new information. Take advantage of this by pinning regularly because with each pin you are making an impression.

Megan Rothey
Megan is an Digital Marketing Manager at Big Leap who loves coming up with strategies that help businesses grow. She has a fondness for SEO since that was her focus when she entered the digital marketing industry. She is a board games master, a tennis enthusiast, and she adores her husband.