Pepsi launched a new pop culture savi site called Pulse.Still stuck in its never-ending gridlock with Coca-Cola, Pepsi launched a new website today called Pepsi Pulse designed to help visitors stay current on their pop culture.

The site acts as a curator for pop culture and entertainment news, as well as streams tweets that use their own site specific hashtags. The idea is for the user to come to the Pulse rather than scouring the internet themselves.

Pepsi Building Brand Association With Music

One thing I noticed on the new Pulse sight was how centered the entire thing is on music. I realize that music is a big part of pop culture, but their focus here seems a little narrow.

Michael Jackson on a pepsi can.This seems like an obvious attempt by Pepsi to build an association between their product and the current music scene. One of the first stories published on the page has to do with Nikki Manaj who will also be delivering exclusive content to Pepsi in the future.

While building this kind of brand association would be a good thing for Pepsi, it’s something they’ve been trying to do for years. Many of their historic spokespeople have been musical acts ranging from Michael Jackson to Britney Spears.

Will Pepsi Pulse Succeed?

The ultimate question is whether Pepsi Pulse will help differentiate Pepsi as a brand from Coke? Pepsi has been striving to make a niche for itself with the music industry, and Pulse will only help push that further.

I think their biggest chance for success with this project is to find a way to allow users to create content of their own. The most interesting aspect of the site for me was seeing the tweets from actual users, but that can only hold my attention for so long.

Some of their story titles are a bit vague as well. For a site dedicated to getting you pop culture news as quickly as possible, those vague title can sometimes slow things down which feels out of place on the site.

Overall I think it’s a cool idea for Pepsi to try, even if it is pretty in line with the same stuff they’ve been trying for years. What do you think about the new Pepsi Pulse website?