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People-Friendly Web DesignThe internet is supposed to be people-friendly. Although crawlers do mean a lot to a site’s well-being, it’s the human viewers that web designers should cater to.

People come to a site for information, for entertainment, and to buy or sell something. The site that makes that easiest wins. Winning means getting better traffic. Better traffic means more viewers converted into customers, more revenue from on site advertisements, and and more credibility.

There are a few simple on-site changes that could make your site a winning kind of people-friendly. Visit or for some good examples of people-friendly sites.

Title your page. Give it a headline.

Keep it to ten words or less. The best part about a title is its ability to let readers know what you’re going to talk about. Your title/headline should be a quick summary of the information you give below it. If you’re having trouble coming up with a title, chances are your paragraph isn’t going to make sense to your readers.

Don’t make readers work for it.

Make your main point visible. Make navigation easy. If your site is difficult to deal with, people will leave. Paragraphs between one and three sentences long are less daunting for viewers. Reading giant tracts of text could be an Olympic sport; goodness knows lay-people aren’t interested in participating.


Lists make communicating a message more efficient. Clean borders and manageable site hierarchy make viewers more comfortable. White space is desirable.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director