PayPal and X.commerce have worked together to create PayPal Access.  PayPal Access will allow customers to shop more easily on the web.  Hackers will have more difficulty getting customer information because PayPal provides more security than other methods.

PayPalWith this new service, customers will only need to remember one user name and password as opposed to the multiple that you would need to create for different vendors.

Checking out online will also become quicker and easier.  The option will be given to log into PayPal which you would proceed to do.  Then you will be asked if it is okay to share your information with the site to make the purchase.

PayPal Access is looking to greatly reduce the bounce rate on the check out page because a lot of revenue is lost in that step.  If the consumer does not have to fill out their information repeatedly then they are more likely to finish with the purchasing process.  Also, when returning to buy other items, customers won’t leave because they can’t remember their username and/or password.

If you are a business you will want to look into allowing customers to log in via PayPal.  Web design is important both in appearance and functionality, so be sure that the option to use PayPal fits with the rest of your site.  PayPal Access will help increase your sales as well as providing your customers with a more pleasurable experience.

Rob Hughes
Paid Search Analyst
Rob Hughes is a Paid Search Analyst at Big Leap who enjoys the creative aspect of online paid advertising. In his free time, Rob is a 3x Intramural Champion, a 17x Intramural Loser, and an avid climber of local mountains.