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As Ben mentioned a few post ago, online reviews such as Yelp are becoming the wave of the future for marketing your business online. They are simple and are quite effective. People would much rather hear form a friends why a certain business is good rather than hear it from the business themselves. There is a trust factor involved there.

Redbeacon is a similar resource. It is an online resource which locates specific local services for you and compares their prices and qualifications for you, as well as it includes reviews from previous customers. and lastly you can schedule an appointment with the service you selected right then, online.

This has caused Redbeacon to become a terrific and convenient service for customers in need of many different services. From the customer’s and the marketer’s view, the reviews are the most beneficial part of the website. People trust others people’s opinions.

Redbeacon has recently made it easier for their consumers to review and get reviews from their friends, by attaching Redbeacon with facebook. Watch the video below to better understand how this works.

You might want to get set up with Redbeacon or Yelp soon! If you do, you might be ahead on this trend and it will be very beneficial to your business. Online reviews are the future.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director