Old Spice Marketing – How Viral Marketing is Working for Them

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Old Spice Marketing CommericialI am sure by this point in time all of you have seen the current Old Spice Marketing campaign, otherwise you need to first go to http://www.WhyDoIEvenBotherWithTheInternet.com and second go to Old Spice’s YouTube channel immediately and get caught up! Their current campaign came out sometime ago and was a huge hit immediately and has spawned many parodies.

Well, last week to kick start their campaign again Old Spice introduced Fabio into the mix to challenge Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa. Old Spice has taken this challenge online to get everyone involved. They want the public to take sides and decide who the old spice guy should be. At it’s most basic level this is a really fun and involving campaign they have, on a higher level you can look at it and see their genius at getting fans involved in brand marketing.

Old Spice Marketing – tracking success

When I started in on YouTube this morning, I wanted to know what sort of effect this campaign was having on Old Spice’s web presence. So I checked two sources

What I found was awesome. In some cases, this campaign has increased their traffic 900%.

Old Spice Marketing and Google Trends

This shows the search volume that Google has been seeing in the past 30 days for Old Spice. You can see on July 22nd when Fabio announced the challenge that the Web Traffic grew by about 2x.

Old Spice Marketing and YouTube views change 14 days

This chart is shows the change in Old Spice’s channel viewing traffic over the last two weeks. This shows the drastic effect that this campaign had on their channel.

Old Spice Marketing and YouTube 24 hour views

This last one I have included really just to reinforce the last graph, this shows you the channel’s traffic over the last 24 hours.

Why Should I care about the Old Spice Marketing Campaign?

The whole point of this article is to show that viral marketing is alive and kicking AND still works. Old Spice Marketing started with a strong foundation for a campaign and then made a suggestion for people to get involved and that’s really all they had to do. Social Media doesn’t have to be that hard… Granted Old Spice is not a mom and pop start up, but if you are creative enough you can make social viral marketing work for you. Sharing your content via social media is so easy, and the best part is… it’s free.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director