Internet marketing can be an intimidating task. As the internet continues to grow and evolve, so do the usage habits of consumers.

It can be difficult to stay current on the latest trends and industry standards, especially with Google’s continued devotion to changing its own algorithm. What worked yesterday might not be what works for you tomorrow.

That doesn’t mean that internet marketing should be avoided by any stretch of the imagination. It does teach us a very important lesson though: internet marketing done the wrong way can have very dire consequences.

Imagine letting a teenage girl drive a Ferrari, or asking a janitor to perform open heart surgery. The outcome of both scenarios is pretty dismal.

Now imagine committing your internet marketing campaigns to someone that isn’t fully invested in the overall success of your company. Things can get really ugly, really fast.

It doesn’t matter how powerful your business plan is, if it falls into the wrong hands the results can be devastating.


Don't trust a Decepticon with your Allspark.This point is perfectly demonstrated by the movie Transformers. The movie plot revolves around an all-powerful artifact known as the Allspark. This artifact has both the potential to abundantly build as well as definitively destroy.

There are two different groups competing to gain access to the Allspark throughout the entire film; the heroic Autobots and the treacherous Decepticons. In the hands of the Autobots, the Allspark would be used to rebuild their shattered homeland. On the other hand the Decepticons would misuse its awesome power to destroy everything around them.

The difference between these two outcomes does not lie with the Allspark itself, but rather with who ultimately wields it.


Let’s imagine now that the mighty Allspark is your Adwords campaign. Online paid advertising has the same potential to either build up your ROI or send it crashing down around you.

In the proper hands, PPC (along with all the other facets of a complete internet marketing profile) can give your business the edge you need over the competition. It can be both a powerful tool and a key component to your success.

Much like the Allspark however, entrusting your account into the hands of someone ill-suited to the task can spell disaster for your campaign. Once again the difference between the two outcomes is with who’s running the show.

That’s why Big Leap prides itself on doing internet marketing the right way. We try to be the Autobots of the marketing world.

So whether you’re looking for some help in managing your Adwords or Facebook accounts, or just trying to climb up the Google search results, make sure your business is in capable hands. The future of your campaign might just depend on it.

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Scott Sundblom