Observations from an SEO Engineer: Tenderfoot Class

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So it has been almost two months since I began working in the SEO field and I thought I would share some of the ideas and advice that has helped me navigate this new world. Who knows, maybe someone out there is considering dabbling in the SEO arts and hearing a little about my experience will help. So here are three things I’d share with anyone striking out into SEO.

Shoot First, Ask SEO Questions Later

The basic approach that I used when starting was “Do First, Then Ask a Million Questions”.   The problem with trying the reverse, where you ask questions until you feel competent, is that SEO can inflict death by a thousand cuts. Whether you are exploring Seo advice, seo tipslink building strategies or venturing into HTML for first time you will drown in details by trying to master it upfront.

A good way to manage your growth (and panic) is to control how badly you are overwhelmed. I did this by measuring how much work I felt I could do in a given period of time and then added 20%. Did I reach all those goals? No, not at first, but I was happily surprised when I eventually did.

Build Something (Anything)

It could be an awesome blog, or a website, or a well done video, or anything really. Campaign your way through Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Try new things (in my case HTML and Google Analytics). When you build something it shows you have skills and communicates your niche (pick a niche, people like focused skills).

Tell People What You Do

The most motivating thing I’ve done has been telling people about what I do. Some instantly fall into a Luddite-ish apathy when I say “Internet” and “Search Engine” but anyone who is involved in a cause are instantly excited. People want what we have. Whatever they are doing they either want to get it online or promote it once it’s up and running.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director