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Search Engine Optimization

Google Analytics released several new additions to their website monitoring software this month. Now you can incorporate these new features to meet all of your SEO needs.

Analytics HD: Google Analytics is now available as an application for your iPad. You can access all of your SEO and PPC information on the go no matter where your at at the tap of your finger.

Analytics Visualizations: The Referrer Flow visualization shows you what sites link to you and which content works best. The Keyword visualization displays how search keywords are used together and which are used most frequently.

BTBuckets: This is a free segmentation and optimization webapp that allows sites to take actions upon them in real time and create user segments.

CallTrackID: It allows telephone enquiries to be tracked from various traffic routes, including PPC ad, offline, organic, affiliate and direct straight into Google Analytics.

ShufflePoint Studio for PowerPoint: This allows you to associate PowerPoint text, chart placeholders, and tables with refreshable Google Analytics data.

The App Gallery makes it easy for customers to find 3rd party solutions that extend Google Analytics in new and useful ways. It’s a great way for developers to find new users and attract more customers. If you’re a developer and you’d like to have your application listed in the gallery, there is a simple submission form to get your app added.

Using these new features correctly can help to increase your SEO and help you track information for yourself or clients.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director