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The SEO Event of the Year

There seems to be a convention dedicated to every topic, from technology to medicine, and yes, there are even conferences dedicated to SEO. One of the most popular SEO conferences is MozCon. MozCon is run by Moz, an SEO software company that provides a number of useful tools for internet marketers. They also run a blog where employees discuss all of the latest SEO trends and tips.

So what is MozCon? A simple search will return the very basic description that says that it is an SEO conference that occurs July 14th through the 16th in Seattle, Washington of this year. According to their website, “MozCon is an amazing opportunity for marketers of all stripes to come together, learn, network, and share. Moz created this community conference with the goal of expanding professional growth opportunities of all kinds for our attendees.” That’s the basic outline, but why is MozCon so important and why do so many marketers think that it is so important?

According to this infographic by DPFOC, what makes MozCon so special are its core beliefs, transparent and authentic, generous, fun, empathetic, and exceptional, or TAGFEE for short. With these core beliefs, Moz has been able to build up a dedicated fan base that attends and speaks at MozCon. Why should you be so interested in MozCon then? These speakers are professionals and they know what they are talking about. In addition to speakers from Moz, there are also speakers from Google, Buzzstream, SEER Interactive, Getty Images, Distilled, and many more.

The Start of MozCon 2014

MozCon this year was kicked off by its founder, Rand Fishkin, who outlined some of the major changes in internet marketing over the past year. We at Big Leap wrote an article about what changes to expect for this year, and we were not that far off. Fishkin broke down what he thought the changes were into five main topics:

1. Internet Regulations
2. Content and Inbound Marketing
3. Google’s Crackdown on Spam
4. The End of SEO as a Job Title
5. Google’s Search Shortening

An article by Scott Garrett breaks down each of these topics in more detail. The rest of the conference this year will be dedicated to discussing these topics and more. I’ll be covering a couple of those presentations in later posts.

MozCon is more than just speakers, on Monday night there is the #MozCrawl, a bar crawl hosted by MozCon’s sponsors and local Seattle bars. Tuesday night is the big Moz party featuring karaoke, food, bowling, and more. According to the MozCon page, “There ain’t no party like a Moz party!”

Attending MozCon 2015

If MozCon seems like something that you would be interested in, they usually have early bird tickets that are sold at a lower price. Right now they are selling MozCon 2015 tickets at super early bird prices, so if you really want to go next year, you have some time to get your tickets, but don’t delay as the tickets sold out before the conference even started.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director