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On February 14th ComScore, a web usage tracking company, put out a report on the mobile search trends of 2012, and what to expect in 2013. Here are some interesting highlights from the Mobile section.

Mobile Highlights
• Smartphones reached 50% market penetration in 2012.
• The Android operating system is now on a slim majority of all smartphones with 53.4%.
• For the first year Facebook was the most used smartphone app, beating the now second place app, Google Maps.
• 76% of all smartphone owners now use Facebook and it now accounts for 23% of all time spent on mobile apps.
• The next five top mobile apps were all Google properties however. Google Maps, Google Play, Google Search, Gmail, and Youtube.
• 1 in 4 smartphone owners now own a tablet device as well. This number is expected to rise and new patterns of online behavior will emerge reflecting the access to several devices.
• Overall desktop computers account for 63% of digital media time and mobile devices account for 37%.

So what does all this mean? For small business owners this is just another sign that interacting with customers online is a dynamic ever changing process and that it pays to be on the cutting edge. Targeting your online presence at just desktop searches isn’t going to cut it after 2013.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director