I’ll never forget my first (and pretty much only) Black Friday shopping experience. I went with my two best friends in the dark of night and stood outside of our local Sports Authority in the freezing cold. Every customer that stood in line was given a gift card worth up to $500. Our naive hopes were so high as we stood in that line and imagined what we might spend that money on.

All of that came crashing down as we scratched away at the surface of our gift cards to reveal the fact that we had each only won 5 dollars. I don’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure I spent it on socks. To this day we have never spoken of that night again.

Despite my own poor experience, shopping has become almost as synonymous with Thanksgiving as turkey or stuffing. This trend hasn’t changed with the rise of mobile shopping either.

As a matter of fact, this Thanksgiving the realm of mobile shopping is expected to reach dizzying new heights. See the facts for yourself!

View the infographic below, or click here to see full-sized image.

Infographic created by Digitas.

Mobile Shopping during Thanksgiving

How much online shopping do you plan to do this holiday weekend? Or will you do your shopping the old fashioned (and freezing cold) way of standing in lines to snag that perfect deal?

Either way, it’s apparent that the shopping habits of consumers are following the trend of digital marketing and going mobile with their efforts.

Scott Sundblom