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Microsoft is putting the Bing brand name on additional services.A lot of people go through an identity crisis. Pop star Prince has done it several times. Now it seems that Microsoft AdCenter is taking its turn to re-brand itself as “Bing Ads”.

Furthermore Yahoo and Bing are now labeling their combined search platform as the “Yahoo Bing Network”. Their search platforms have been combined for a while now, but only recently have they given themselves a common name.

This change comes at the same time as Microsoft has really started pushing its “Bing It On” campaign. If you haven’t seen it yet, the “Bing It On” is a blind comparison test set up by Microsoft to show off their search results side by side with Google’s.

The Difference With Bing Ads

The first time you login to Bing Ads the only real difference you’re going to notice right away is the name change. Once you get into the service it looks pretty much exactly the same as it used to.

Several changes have been made by Microsoft recently for its Ad service but nothing that I noticed was done to accompany its big rebranding. In all actuality, I kept running into site errors today while trying to navigate around some of the accounts I manage in Bing Ads. Ironically enough, the site that kept crashing for me was their ‘Help’ page which is needed to formally submit a help request.

That being said I have liked a lot of the progress Bing Ads has made over the last year. I think they still have a long way to go to catch up to Google AdWords in the realm of PPC advertising, but they are taking steps in the right direction.

Bing Getting Bigger

Microsoft is pushing Bing forward as a service and as a brand.It would seem that Microsoft is really making a push to get the Bing brand name out into the public sphere. The existence of the comparison campaign against Google is evidence of that.

Now with this rebranding effort, we might expect to start seeing Bing as a brand expand into other services soon. This could potentially mean multiple product tie-ins like a “Bing Phone” or something else along those same lines.

For Bing to truly compete against Google or even Apple then it needs to start getting innovative. The technologies that already exist have been pretty much mastered by Google and Apple. What Bing/Microsoft needs is its own revolutionary product that changes the game completely, much like the ipod has done for Apple.

Do you think Bing has a chance to grow into something like Google has in terms of brand recognition? Should Microsoft even try? Leave a response below!

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