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The NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champion is only hours away. The wolverines of Michigan who are back in the national championship game 20 years after the infamous “Fab Five” lost to North Carolina are facing off against the Cardinals of Louisville University. Michigan is known for its fast paced, up-temp offense lead by National Player of the Year award winner Trey Burke. Louisville is continuing their emotional ride after win over Duke in which player Kevin Ware suffered a horrific broken leg, and a second half comeback against Wichita State.


So who’s going to win?

Talk of the big game and both teams is already lighting up across the social media world. ESPN conducted a poll through its Facebook page and 55% of followers believe that Michigan will win tonight. Who do you think is going to win?

Social Media

Long gone are the days where you would have to listen to commercial breaks on the radio to hear score updates if you couldn’t get the game on TV. If you are wondering what the score is, which players are playing well, or what the last bad call was, simply login to Twitter. Millions of tweets will be sent out tonight throughout the game, so don’t miss out on all the action!

small__6823849098If you are a Michigan fan try searching #thewolverine #GoBlue #michiganbball #treyburke or #michigan to find out how your team is doing. If you are a Louisville fan you will want to try #Lousville #gocardinals #winforware #allinfor5 #peytonsiva or #russsmith. If you aren’t rooting for either team and just want to know how the game is going or what people are saying about the game try #NCAAChampionship #FinalFour #onemorewin #michiganvlouisville. Whatever you do, make sure you tweet out something during the game and if you want it to be noticed, try using one of these hashtags, or come up with your own!

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