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Dan Posner has been at Big Leap since the beginning of its outward growth, when the company was little more than a few friends running a startup SEO firm. After a few months of hard labor associated with starting a company from the ground up, he was promoted to the manager of sales, and Dan has led sales teams of various sizes ever since.

Dan Posner, Leadgenix

One thing has driven Dan over the past six years more than anything else: a burning desire to bring growth to our little company. This month, Dan moved into the role of President and has charted a new course for record-setting growth and award-winning client service.

Big Leap – Origins

In its infancy, Big Leap specialized in lead gen–creating and selling lead generation services–hence the company name. While this business model brought them initial success, soon it was obvious that the company would ultimately go in a much different direction. The founders quickly found that there were additional digital marketing services they had become skilled at: namely, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, that were of growing importance to their customers.

Over those first few years, Big Leap grew from a few accounts fulfilled by a handful of people to over 100 accounts and dozens of employees. Their work for the most part, had been with small business professionals, like doctors, dentists, lawyers, and insurance agents. The company was profitable, clients and employees were happy, but the partners believed there was a better way for them to provide a valuable service in the world of digital marketing.

Looking to the Future – White Label Digital Marketing

In 2010, Dan, then VP of Sales, led a company-wide review of clients to determine who was gaining the most benefit from our services. Big Leap had been working as a fulfillment service for a few large marketing firms and full-service ad agencies. In these relationships, its services were white labeled, or passed along to the client through the agency’s account management team. Dan recognized that Big Leap shined the brightest in these relationships as a fulfillment partner for franchise groups, ad agencies, and marketing firms of all sizes. As a result, he began adjusting the company’s direction to increase the accounts created through white-label agency and partner relationships. Today, the agency provides digital marketing work for dozens of industries through several dozen agency partnerships.

Dan Posner – Man with a Vision

Dan earned his Bachelor’s in Communication from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. While still in school, he began selling websites to friends and small businesses, including the service to help their pages rank well on search engines. Dan completed an internship on the East Coast before finally relocating permanently to Utah.

Dan is gifted at hearing a need and prescribing a solution that fits the strategy of a business. He’s been instrumental in creating strong partnerships with many companies including NordicTrack, Safeco Insurance, Henry Schein, and AlphaGraphics.

In seven years of business, Big Leap has worked with over a thousand clients, agencies, and business partners throughout North and South America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. We are ranked in the Top 100 for Best SEO, SMO, and PPC by Market Watch, a Top 10 Agency by, is a recipient of the Top 25 under 5 award presented by Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum, a Finalist for the Chase Mission Main Street Small Business Competition, and a 2015 American Business Award Medalist for Agency of the Year.

In speaking about the ongoing vision for Leadgenix, Dan stated, “In business, as in any relationship, the three most important components are great communication, honesty, and doing the right thing. These key factors remain vital to the company.”

For more information, see our Press Release dated June 24th.

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Online Marketing Director