Maximize Your Conversion Rate

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These days, so many companies and e-commerce sites are turning to social media marketing services and cheap SEO to drive more traffic to their website.  However, they need to remember to think about the landing page itself and its potential for lead generation.  Here are several tips to maximize your conversion rate.

The content of your site needs to be tailored to the different groups of people who browse your website.  The more information you have about your customers and their purchasing habits, the more likely Maximize Your Conversion Rateyour site will be able to convert these leads.

Keep track of visitors’ browsing habits and display information that is relevant to them (not just what they buy, but what they look at).  If someone has a history of buying sports apparel, be sure to show the latest athletic endorsements.  If you have foreign customers, be sure to display the international shipping option.

This strategy works even better if you have data on how these customers got to your site.  For example, customers brought to your site from a pay-per click ad may have different shopping patterns than those who come to your site as a result of a Facebook promotion.

Traffic and visitors that are driven to the website by social media means should be reminded why they came to your site.  For instance, if the promotion was “Facebook fans get free shipping on their first order,” this should be displayed on every page until the visitor checks out.  Consistency is the key to maximize your conversion rate!

Finally, testing out your page and your process will tell you where improvements can be made.  Find the optimum design for graphics, buttons, and even shopping cart options.  You will be surprised to see that even small improvements in site layout can increase average order value and overall conversion rates.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director