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It is clear from the flurry of social media activity of large and small businesses that marketers are understanding the importance of including social media in the media marketing mix. It’s just as clear from how they are using social media that an understanding of how it should be used is not quite as clear.

To understand how to use social media, a person first needs to know what it is. In layman’s terms, social media is a crossroads between people and technology. It is a two-way road where a company should not only take but give.

It’s About The Connection

Grow relationships with social media

Grow relationships through social media.

Many business owners think social media is simply a cheap platform to mount digital “billboards.” They do little other than promote pictures and information about their products, neglecting to see that social media is all about engagement with consumers. Don’t misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong with the occasional product update or promotion, but people nowadays, and particularly Millenials, want brands to talk with them not at them.

When a brand understands their consumers as people that is when it will start to realize success. Why do you think people use social media in the first place? It’s to stay connected! People want to connect on a personal level, which is why they obsessively update their profiles, take pictures of random meals, and tweet the latest news and trends.

If you take nothing else away from this article, at least understand this: If you want to succeed in social media, you need to connect. Get to know your consumers likes and dislikes, their dreams, what makes them laugh, etc. Oh, and if you expect to know these little tidbits, then you also need to know who is in your target market. You cannot appeal to everyone, so find people with whom you can connect and then get connecting.

Creatively Connecting

Connecting through social media.

Get creative with how you connect with your audience.

If it is within your budget, your company should constantly be coming up with, and be open to receiving, ideas to reach your consumer base in new, attractive ways.

Let’s say you are a cheese company named Cheesy Cheese Co. (a brilliant name, I know). Perhaps your company could host an event in the city where your company is based–maybe a cheese-tasting contest. Or you could partner up with other brands who are popular with your target market. If Cheesy Cheese Co. has the budget, they should actively be pursuing a sponsorship of a local sports team, or join a charity effort. You can even go the simple route and write about current events to reach your audience.

Events like these help brands to connect with their target market and gives everyone something to be passionate about. Big Leap has a trained social media team whose goal is develop strategies and techniques to help your company connect with your target market. We will help you to expand your social media efforts beyond promoted product posts and status updates.


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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director