Let’s take a moment and walk down memory lane, shall we? Let’s remember a time when we were much younger than we are now. A time before becoming friends with someone required you to send them a friend invite and wait for them to accept it.

Being polite is as basic as tying your shoes.Let’s remember some basic things we all should have learned at a very young age. Along with tying our shoes and picking up our toys, I’m sure most parents taught us how to be polite. Saying please, thank you, and you’re welcome are just as important now as they were back then. In short, manners still matter.

Snap back to the present. Our social media presence can be seen by almost anyone. If we are rude to others online, it stays there for anyone to see (including potential employers). How we comport ourselves online can say a lot to someone looking to offer us a job.

Here are a few tips to help us keep things cordial on our favorite social networks:

The Golden Rule

Treat others how you want to be treated. It’s called the golden rule for a reason: it works. No one wants to be friends with a jerk. No one wants to work with a jerk. No one wants to hire a jerk.

The best way to receive fair treatment online is to treat others fairly yourself. Social media has a funny habit of putting our personalities under a microscope for the world to see. Make sure it’s your best qualities that are getting magnified.

Be Calm

We all know a guy who loses their temper online. Don’t be that guy. Even when something makes you mad online, it’s hard to sound intelligent during a rant.

When something gets you fired up online, just walk away and let it sit for a while. If nothing else this will give you time to organize your thoughts into a cohesive argument.

Think Before You Post

Remember who you’re friends with. Have you friended any co-workers? Maybe even a boss? Try to keep in mind that anything you post can probably be seen by those people you have to spend your days with at work. Your manners on social madia can make a big impact at work.

If you’re about to post something you wouldn’t want your boss to see, at least take a moment to make sure your privacy settings are in order. Or better yet, think twice about posting that content in the first place.

None of these tips are meant to censor your freedom of speech in the online community. By all means you should be who you are and express yourself.

Just be mindful of who else might be watching. Your manners might matter more than you think.

Scott Sundblom