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Last week I rehearsed thoroughly about how mobile internet access is changing the game for anyone trying to reach and stay connected with their clients.  A major focus of this was developing a site that is mobile friendly and makes it easy for users to navigate your site while accessed through a smartphone. Is your website smarter than a smartphone?

Determining if You Already Have a Mobile Website Version

A lot of websites are contracted out and built by a developer and you may not know if your site has a mobile version. Google has become one the largest and most used search engines, but they have also designed a bot that looks for mobile versions of your site and it is very easy to use.

The Google Mobile Optimizer not only searces for your mobile site, but it is one of the easiest tools to allow you to optimize your mobile website for SEO and landing pages. There are other tools but this is what I’ve found to be the easiest.

Changing Your Site Over

While you may have spent thousands of dollars having a website built that you are finally proud of, navigating your site through a mobile device might be horrendous.  Pinching the screen to zoom in and zoom out will not keep your visitors there for long.

Also, websites that are hard to use and extremely difficult to navigate on a phone are not very likely to produce a sale. If people do not feel comfortable navigating your site with their phone, they’re probably not comfortable entering their credit card with their touch screen.

Use Plug-ins

My first question is, what kind of website do you have? WordPress seems to be the most common with over 24% of all active websites being built with their software, but there are plenty of suitable platforms that can easily develop a mobile site.

Personally, I’m a fan of WordPress because of its simplicity and helpful widgets and plug-ins that it offers. I think it really allows people with minimal technical knowledge to make major website changes.  With that said, with just a single plug-in, such as WPTouch, you can automatically enable mobile users on your website to access a mobile version of it.

Other Options

If you don’t have a WordPress built site, there are still a lot of good options for making a mobile-friendly site for free.  One of those options that seem fairly popular is called Google Sites.

With Google Sites you choose a template, choose some colors, add your text, and the mobile site is ready for action. A person with no website design experience could look like a mobile designing guru in just a few hours.

Get a Mobile Website

All-in-All, nine out of 10 small businesses still lack a mobile website and this is not acceptable. Invest in a mobile website soon and I’m sure it will pay you back. With that said, remember to optimize your website and stay on top of your game with Leadgenix.



Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director