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In all honesty, the title of this post could simply be, “Is Your Online Content Boring?”  And this doesn’t just refer to the text on your website. Your company’s online content, at least for the purposes of this article, is anything your company puts out that people have an opportunity to see.

Bad Content=Bad Business

This means your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This means the articles you submit, and the videos you create. When people view what you create, is it likely to put them to sleep? If so, then it is likely that people are put off by your company before they have an opportunity to fully investigate what you have to offer.

When we meet with new clients, one of the first questions we hear is generally all about return on investment (ROI). They want to know that when they put money into SEO, SMO, and our other in-house services, they will get something back in terms of revenue. What many clients don’t realize is that no matter how good a job we do, it is still their job to deliver the goods.

Making Your Content EngagingDelivering the Goods

Search engine optimization is all about directing traffic to a website and getting conversions. If you are ranked first on Google, people tend to equate that status with credibility. What happens when they click on your link, and see a poorly designed website that looks like it was popular when Bill Clinton was POTUS? What happens when they read your copy and it is completely void of personality and voice?

They leave. They bounce. They don’t come back. And it’s not the SEOer’s fault. They did their job. They got you a great rank on Google and gave you a chance to bring in revenue, but your end didn’t deliver.

So what do you need to do to make your content better?

It all starts with an honest evaluation of your website–preferably by a third party–to determine the quality of your content. The more educated in online marketing the third party is, the better results you get. They might tell you your copy needs more voice, that your website looks like a puddle of 90’s culture, or that  they fell asleep after looking at it for more than two seconds.

Admit You Need Help

Should you be offended? No. Should you listen? Absolutely. Disregarding their advice will leave you in the same spot you started: ornery that your site isn’t doing well, and mistakenly blaming the SEO company you hired to drive traffic.

The number one reason site owners disregard advice is because their egos are a little bruised. They want to feel like what they are currently doing is enough to get conversions. And I get it; I really do.

But just like you have been trained in whatever industry you have entered, we have been trained in online marketing. We know what is necessary to get conversions, regardless of how much you dislike what we tell you is essential to your success.

Let us help your business. That’s the reason we do what we do.

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photo credit: Aaron Jacobs via photopin cc


Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director