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As social media continues to grow into the “go to marketing platform” for small businesses, companies like LinkedIn continue to enhance their platforms to make them more accessible for small businesses. The potential reach and brand awareness that can be achieved through social media is impossible to resist for most small business owners. In today’s world, if a company is not on the internet, it will likely fail.

Social media companies understand this phenomenon and are doing everything they can to help companies succeed. LinkedIn has made several large changes over the past few years which allow companies to reach potential employees and customers in ways other platforms simply don’t allow.

So what are the keys to succeeding on LinkedIn as a business? After some pretty hefty research, and through working with clients of my own on LinkedIn, I have found that the following tips will help your business be as successful as it can.LinkedIn Pen

More than Just “Posting”

Many companies feel they can get by on Facebook or Twitter by simply posting once or twice a day. That strategy won’t cut it on LinkedIn. Before you can start posting, you need to make sure there are people who will actually see your posts.

Develop a Strategy for Connections

Before you begin making connections, determine who you want to connect with and why. Do you want to focus on finding potential employees or potential customers? Once you become a first-degree connection with someone, they will be able to see your status updates and will come to know who you are as a company. Make sure you find people that want to get to know you as a company.

Request Recommendations

Having quality recommendations in your company profile shows that customers and employees truly value your business and the products/services you provide. Each time you receive a recommendation, it will show up in your news feed, and the profile of the person who wrote it. Recommendations are a fantastic way to expand your potential reach and build a quality name for your brand.

For tips on how to receive recommendations please read an article I previously wrote titled “The Power of LinkedIn Recommendations.”

Maximize Your Profile

If there is a blank line or a blank space on your company profile, fill it! Make sure you have included all of the proper keywords, images, products/services, and links. The more detailed your profile is, the easier it will be for people to find you. Having a properly optimized profile page will also increase your SEO weight.

Join a Group

If you have used Google + Communities, you will know a little about what to do with LinkedIn Groups. If not, start by joining a group that is on a topic relevant to your business. Join in the conversation and show people that you are an expert on that subject. Avoid talking to much about your company or your products, but reach out to people and make connections. LinkedIn Groups are a fantastic way to find new connections which could turn into potential employees or customers.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn’s Searches

LinkedIn has a detailed search engine built into the site which allows you to search for potential connections based on keywords, names, location, industry, groups, experience, and function. Using the search tool will allow you to reach people who would be very hard to find on other social media platforms.

Have these or other tips helped your business succeed on LinkedIn? If so, please share! We would love to hear what you are doing to make LinkedIn a powerful resource for your company.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director