MLB memories are colliding with modern technology.

When I think about baseball, I think about watching the Angels win the World Series back in 2002. I think about going to games with my Dad all through high school. I think about box scores and starting lineups.

One thing that doesn’t come to mind is social media. I doubt I’m alone in the fact that I’ve never really associated major league baseball with Twitter but all that might be about to change.

So What’s New?

Baseball and Twitter, working together.Major League Baseball has been hard at work getting its fans more involved on several social networks, with Twitter leading the charge. Last week they were even able to run a twitter trivia game which became a trending topic for the better part of a day.

On top of trivia give a ways the MLB has hired several ball park correspondents to live tweet exclusive content during games. This content will include pre-game routines of the players and line up cards for that specific game. Pinterest and Tumblr accounts have also been created for every single club.

Digging Deeper

Personally as a lifelong fan of the Los Angeles Angels, I’m pretty excited about this new content. It’s giving me access to stuff that wasn’t available before which is always cool.

This new content might not be met the same level of enthusiasm by everyone though. A more casual fan might find little use for such in depth coverage.

The important thing is that the MLB is actually trying something new. A game with roots so deep that it has been labeled ‘Americas Pastime’ was due for technological face lift.

Scott Sundblom