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Some people believe that all they need to do is create or claim their Google, Bing, and Yahoo local listings and that is all they need for their business to rank high in places. Don’t be one to fall into this trap because, this however, is untrue! Local listings are extremely interactive.

Here is a quick outline of what your local listing optimization requires of you:
1. Claim or Create your local listing profile(s).
2. Filling your profiles with as much correct information as possible (i.e. address, categories, descriptions, hours, discounts, etc.)
3. Removing extra listings of your business/company.
4. Creating more and more profiles (with steps 1-3)
5. For your Google Places listing, responding to customer reviews (either keeping the happy customers or trying to get the upset customers back)
6. Also for your Google listing, regularly (as at least once a month) making a company Post with Google’s new Post.

As you can tell, this process it a very interactive process. Once you have finished creating a profile, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to touch it ever again (especially if it is in Google which has more options). You have to interact with the customers just like any regular business and just like as in Social Media. Also, you have to be constantly working on improving your listings and creating more, just like in SEO.

So, when you feel like you have done enough for your local listing optimization, think again.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director