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Video marketing is a really good form of advertising especially when it goes viral. Youtube allows you to post movies for free that anyone in the world can view so that makes your return on investment extremely high when you make a viral movie for free and post it online. Don’t be fooled! making a viral movie is not as easy as you think. Sure, making a free movie and posting it can be done by most 3rd graders but getting millions of views is extremely difficult.

What is Viral content?
Lets discuss what viral content is because many have tried and just as many have failed. Viral content has to be something funny, unique, or shocking. It needs to have you watch it and make you want to email it all to your friends immediately. If it doesn’t make you do that, the chances are it isn’t viral.

Failed Viral.
When you are making a movie you need to make sure you aren’t trying to make it viral. People will recognize that you are attempting to make a viral movie and won’t want to watch or share the video. If it looks too professional then it might be a little obvious that you are trying to advertise to them, or even grab your fifteen minutes of fame. Some of the best viral videos have been filmed with a low resolution camera that is just clear enough to see the image.

There are tons of videos that go viral every day. Go ahead and try surfing around Youtube, or check out their most popular videos. Who knows, with a little luck you’re video will be the next one to go viral!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director