The newest video from Invisible Children about Joseph Kony.If you’ve been around the internet at all lately, chances are you’ve both heard about and seen the video about Joseph Kony which was produced by the group Invisible Children. It now has around 180 million views after all.

But did you know that Invisible Children has released a sequel that dives deeper into the issue? Probably not, considering Part II has generated substantially less traffic than its parent.

After a full week after its release, the video has yet to crack 2 million views. This left me to question why such a massive discrepancy in views between two so similar videos?

Joseph Kony Is Already Famous

I think a big part of the difference can be found in that we all already know who Joseph Kony is. There isn’t much perceived urgency to share the second video due to the fact that it’s no longer about raising awareness. After 180 million views internet wide, the first Kony video has made us all pretty aware.

Those of us who were going to share the story have already shared it and those who were going to donate money have already donated it. That’s not to say that people no longer care about the issue, it’s just that we aren’t necessarily learning anything new this time around.

Lightening Rarely Strikes Twice

Failing to follow up a viral video with a proper sequel has proven difficult for many. Think of the first slew of viral videos you can remember. The first thing that comes to my mind is the numa numa guy.

Did you know he made several videos after the first one that got so popular? Neither did I.

The point is that rarely does someone produce multiple rounds of ultra-viral content, even for a story as important as Invisible Children. Invisible Children, the company that made the Kony 2012 videos.

What viral videos can you remember that simply fell of the face of the earth? Can you think of any viral videos that had a sequel that lived up to the hype of the first one? Leave a comment below.

Scott Sundblom