Keyword Optimization

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Keyword OptimizationWhy is picking the right keywords not as simple as picking the one searched most?

Keyword optimization is essential to any website hoping to increase their traffic. Increased traffic usually means more customers in the sales funnel and ultimately means more money generated from your site. It has become so crucial it is usually one of the first steps when optimizing a site.

If you pick a keyword that gets too many searches you can have two problems.  First, many general keywords will have a really high search volume. This is because this term is probably too general, meaning it is being searched for multiple different uses. So people who are looking for something different than your product will type it in. When this happens it makes it harder to rank higher in Google searches because they see that your site isn’t very relevant to the keyword.  Second, unless you are a large corporation and your advertising budget is limitless then you probably won’t rank for that key word because competition is so fierce.

For the best keyword optimization you should pick a keyword that you think you can rank on the first page.  Even if the search volume is way lower for this keyword because the few people who do search that keyword will actually find your site. It doesn’t matter if a million people search your keyword if you are not on the first or second page they will never find your site. However be careful that the keyword isn’t searched too little because then you could be missing lots of traffic to your site.

Keyword optimization on your website can be a very a simple process and will cost you nothing but a little time. If done right no matter how big or small your site is, you can increase traffic.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director